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Job title
Degree required

  • 1、 draw up and perfect the internal audit system and process, formulate audit plan and audit budget;
    2、 organize the implementation of financial audit, management audit and efficiency audit;
    3、 formulate audit plan, drafting audit reports and management proposals and other audit documents;
    4 、find out the potential problems and risks of the company in time and put forward suggestions for improvement;
    5、urge the implementation of audit conclusions and recommendations;

    6 、responsible for coordination and communication with relevant departments during the audit process.


    1 、Bachelor degree and above, five years work experience, 28-38 years old;
    2 、University major major: auditing, accounting and other economic specialties;
    3、Working experience in an accounting firm is preferred;
    4 、 have independent experience in dealing with enterprise accounts, and have a deep understanding of manufacturing, trade, hotels, tourism industry is preferred;
    5. Internal audit experience in listed companies is preferred;
    6 、 good computer skills, proficient in ERP, financial systems, Excel, spreadsheets and Access databases;
    7 、Able to business trip, including domestic and Southeast asia;
    8、 Good in English, fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing;

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