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China Dive Company Limited. 

     ChinaDive Company Limited wasfounded in April 2003. Listed in ShenZhen Stock Exchange on 2nd August. 2016with stock code 300526. Our core business is neoprene apparel and gear, divingtraining, diving trips and underwater robot. Products has been export to 60differnt country in Europe, North America, Aisa .

      Under our excellent leadership, ChinaDivehave gain "National High-tech enterprise""Guangdong Provinceinnovated enterprise" "GuangDong Private TechnologyEnterprises""GunagDong Province Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise"  "Navy equipment quality managementsystem certification enterprise ". etc. We are GuangDong Province Diving High-tech material Engineering RNDcenter.

ChinaDive are one of the leading companiesin China and worldwide manufacturing diving suit and wader. We are also theonly company capable in the diving industry in China and worldwide from rawmaterials, RND capability, manufacturing, to the terminal sales chain.

China Dive Company Limited owns eleven subsidiaries.
HuiZhou China Dive Equipment Co.,Ltd.
HuiZhou China Dive Property Management Co.,Ltd.
ShenZhen China Dive Sports Co.,Ltd.
China Dive International Travel Agency Co.,Ltd.
ChinaDive (HK) Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Sanya China Dive Outdoor & Sports Co.,Ltd.
Sumnet Enterprise (HK) Co.,Ltd.
ShenZhen China Dive Robotics Co.,Ltd.
ShenZhen China Dive Network Technology Co.,Ltd.
Shenzhen Aqua Sports Co.,Ltd.

     As we ChinaDive are the listed company inChina, We are expanding our underwater device area to reach our mission. Offera safer and better way to explore the underwater world to the public, instituteand National Defense Department.

Lookingto the future, in accordance with company mission of "Providing publicanother way to discover the world", ChinaDive will remain our advantageposition of  the few enterprise inworldwide, as underwater high-end integrated supplier.  Also we aim to operate a worldwide wellknowing brand and popularize casual diving sport in Mainland China