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The world's strongest diving suit: equipped with micro thrusters, known as underwater iron man
This is not a spacesuit, but a diving suit, called underwater iron man, and has a diving suit with thrusters to allow divers to "fly" under the deep ocean".
The spacesuit is equivalent to a miniature spaceship. By the same token, the world's most advanced diving suits are now equivalent to a miniature submarine.
It has its own thrusters and can move vertically or horizontally under the control of divers or surface personnel. The ventilation system is enough to keep the divers alive for 50 hours.
Cables to ships on the surface of the water not only provide power for the propeller, but also transmit sound, video and data connections. The wearable submarine makes the diver look like an underwater iron man.
More importantly, the pressure inside it remains the same on the surface of the water, protecting divers from working for several hours at a depth of several hundred meters without worrying about decompression sickness.
The diving suits provide enough oxygen for 50 hours divers, built-in camera with HD video, including clips and claws of different sizes, so that the divers could cut the cable in the water, grasp objects, compact and powerful propeller collar divers can move quickly in the water.