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Stealth diving suits were invented to be in close contact with sharks
Want to enjoy walking on the sea floor with sharks and not hurt? To the sea fish to a close contact and not to be found in New Zealand? A technology company invented a "stealth suit" can help you achieve the above imagination.

A stealth diving suit invented by a technology company in New Zealand can effectively prevent sea creatures from detecting electrical signals from humans, thus helping people to observe and touch them at close range. Wear this diving suit, you can skate, lobster, shark, dolphins and other marine eels, sturgeon animal next to swimming, and will not be found.

It is understood that the diving suit made of conductive carbon fiber, can block the human body muscle activity emitted 95% of the electrical signals, so as to avoid being detected by marine organisms. Well, isn't it amazing by this amazing invention, but not everyone has the chance to experience it?.