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MIT research and development of new materials for a long time under the water are not afraid of cold
Like beavers and otters, how long have they lived in cold water without a thick fat layer like walrus and whale? Because their fur can hold a lot of air and form a heat insulation layer, they can live in cold water even without the thick fat layer.

Inspired by this, researchers at MIT have come up with the idea of making a synthetic material similar to these animals, which will produce lighter and warmer diving suits in the future. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, mechanical engineering professor Anette Peko Hosoi said that divers need long time to stay in the water, so it is very important to the body of the insulation is chloroprene rubber insulation materials, and existing produce diving suits are too heavy, let people diving under water action is not very convenient.

So the researchers will MIT two polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) made of a rubber molded by artificial fur, fur for precise control of density and length, the researchers also used a mathematical model to test. The material will be lighter than existing diving suits, and can retain air, keeping the body's normal temperature while allowing divers to move more flexibly.