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Deep sea diving "race each other, Chinese depth"
Recently, China has independently developed the "Sea Wing" underwater glider in Mariana Trench dive 6329 meters, becoming the "dragon" job class submersible dive 7062 meters, "sea Doo" unmanned submersible dive to 10767 meters after a new record.

All kinds of deep-sea submersibles break through themselves again and again and create "China depth"". At present, China has formed from 1000 meters, 4500 meters, 7000 meters to 10000 meters class of deep sea diving ability. Deep sea equipment continues to improve, effectively boosting China's deep-sea exploration and research.

All kinds of submersibles are scrambling to create "China depth""

"Sea Wing" underwater glider in the depths of the Mariana Trench Challenger abyss, the maximum dive depth of 6329 meters, to refresh the underwater glider maximum dive depth world record.

"Another member of the sea" in the name of family -- Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang Institute of automation development of the "sea Doo" underwater robot, is successfully applied in the summer of last year's expedition in the abyss, the maximum dive depth reaches 10767 meters, creating the largest submerged depth record and operation in China underwater robot.

In the expedition, and China has independently developed the "Cape" and "Horizon", "the abyss of the lander in situ experiment" pit lifter carried out 17 large depth, the "end of the world" and "in situ experiment" No. 3 breakthrough million meters depth

"The sea" in the name of the submersible "dragon" Zibei deliver the goods, the submersible is repeatedlyspectacular. "Dragon" and "dragon" and "dragon" as the representative of the "three" bathyscaph entered the application stage. "Dragon" No. in 2012 in Mariana Trench created a world class diving device diving maximum depth of 7062 meters after the record, transferred to experimental applications, is currently carrying out the ocean 38 expedition scientific expedition.

"Dragon No. two" unmanned submersible cable, the maximum operating depth of 3500 meters, is the outstanding advantages of underwater long working time, participated in multiple ocean voyage expedition, including the Pacific sea dive and southern the Atlantic and southwest India ocean.

"Dragon No. two" unmanned submersible cable is 4500 meters of autonomous underwater robot, with HD graphics and complex near undersea submarine voyage and mineral resources autonomous exploration ability. In February this year, "dragon No. two" official for deep-sea polymetallic sulfide exploration, completed 8 dives, success in the 43 ocean voyage second leg operation.

In addition, in December last year, in the depths of Mariana Trench Challenger abyss, China's 3 sets of "Rainbow Fish" 10000 meter class lander successfully conducted the 10000 meters sea trial and sampling.

At present, China has formed 1000 meters, 4500 meters, 7000 meters to 10000 meters class of deep sea diving ability, operating functions covering marine scientific research, ocean mineral resources development, search and rescue, salvage, tourism and so on. All kinds of deep-sea submersibles have made breakthroughs, marking the forward progress of China's deep-sea equipment construction, and also making our scientists to explore the deep sea of human knowledge has taken a solid step.

Experts said that the current understanding of the ocean is still limited, especially for the 10000 meters of ocean awareness is not as good as the understanding of the surface of the moon. The progress of China's deep-sea equipment and the success of deep-sea scientific research show that China's deep-sea scientific and technological innovation ability is mainly from "follow" to the "parallel", "leading" based change.

Liu Feng, director of Chinese ocean association office said that the development of deep-sea submersible to "dragon" as the representative, in the maintenance of national marine rights, deep-sea exploration and scientific research, promote national marine awareness and other aspects of good effect, but also will promote the development of marine resources and mining industry, equipment manufacturing industry.

"'dragon'number 2013 first pilot application voyage after the end of the academic evaluation, the total number of deep-sea samples this voyage made, and the total number of samples is equivalent to our country 20 years ago by the other tools." He Chunrong, director of the Seventh & Two Research Institute, said.

It is understood that the "sea Doo" created by the 10767 meter dive, "dive horizon" and "in situ test" No. 3 breakthrough million meters in depth, a large amount of water, sediment and biological samples, these samples filled in our country for a long time to get large depth especially blank meters at the bottom of the sample and data the abyss to reveal the evolution of the ecological environment, global climate change research provides a precious sample.

"Human understanding of the deep sea is still not enough, we need to develop" dragon number "as the representative of various submersibles and operating tools, to explore the unknown world of the deep sea." Ye Cong, deputy director of underwater engineering research and development department, seventh - Two Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, said.

Significant progress has been made in the evolution of manned submersibles in China

"Dragon dragon" is an explosive point in the development of China's deep-sea high-tech equipment. In recent years, China's deep-sea equipment industry flourished, and the scope of application is becoming wider and wider." Seventh, two, director of Institute of underwater engineering research and Development Department of CSIC 4500 m manned submersible general designer Hu Zhen said, hope that more users to use these to explore the ocean, deep-sea equipment to develop and protect the ocean, but also further promote the development of deep-sea equipment to the newer and better direction.

At present, the assembly of the 4500 meter manned submersible and the development of the 10000 meter manned submersible are being carried out in an orderly manner. When they are built and put into use, they will further enhance the exploration capability and research level of China's marine exploration. Technological breakthroughs in independent innovation continue to create "China's depth"".

It is understood that the State Oceanic Administration is jointly with the local government to promote the manned submersible pedigree work, the project has been basically completed the demonstration work.

Department of science and technology, Ministry of science and technology and social development relevant responsible person said, the next step, the bathyscaphe pedigree of scientific research will continue to be located in the "three combination": manned submersible and unmanned submersible combined with shallow water to deep sea operations combined with deep-sea autonomous remote control detection and operation equipment combination.